Technology has not always been the most accessible to people with all kinds of disabilities. Especially for the coloured openings. The good news is that Windows 10 is designed with multiple access capabilities, and Microsoft continues to refine existing features and add new ones. One of these features is the Windows color filter.

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Color blind filter for Windows

Thanks to this built-in function, you don’t have to download anything in particular. If you suffer from protanopia, deuteranopia or tritanopia, you can easily configure some settings for easy viewing and interaction with Windows 10. The first two conditions relate to red/green blindness, while the last two conditions relate to blue/yellow blindness.

The filter is only available in Windows 10. The only options in previous versions of Windows are adjusting the contrast and installing third-party tools that may not work as well and may not be free.

If the correct filter is enabled, you should be able to distinguish the colors much more clearly in Windows 10.

Filter adjustment

All settings for the Windows color blindness filter can be found in the easily accessible settings. Start by opening Settings and select Easy Access.

How to make Windows easier to use when you’re in Colorblind

Select the color filters on the left.

How to make Windows easier to use when you’re in Colorblind

Turn on the colour filters. You can then choose the filter you want to use. Among other things, you have a choice of six:

  • Reverse – Changes each colour to the opposite.
  • Grey scale – Uses only black, grey and white shades.
  • Gray scale upside down – Creates a negative version of the screen.
  • Red-green heteronopia – focuses on red-green color blindness where green is weaker.
  • Red-green Protanopia – focuses on red-green color blindness, because red is weaker.
  • Blue-yellow tritopia – focuses on blue-yellow color blindness.

How to make Windows easier to use when you’re in Colorblind

As soon as you select an option, you will see the colours on the screen change. You can also look at the color wheel under the filters to see how the colors change with each filter.

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high contrast

There is another option that allows you to see the colors better in Windows 10. Click High Contrast on the left side of the settings screen.

How to make Windows easier to use when you’re in Colorblind

Switch on the High Contrast option. Setting up Windows may take a few seconds. You can use this setting in combination with one of the color filters. You will immediately notice that the colors are much brighter.

You can use high-contrast settings even if you are not colour-blind. There is no need to use colour-blindness filters to use high-contrast filters.

Take the time to adjust high-contrast settings, such as theme and colour selection, for common elements such as text, button text and hyperlinks.

Use of shortcut keys

The use of Windows color filters is ideal if you are the only person using your computer. However, if other people who are not color blind also use a computer, they may prefer to change everything again.

This can be annoying if you go back to Easy Access and change the settings manually each time. Instead, activate the shortcut key combination to quickly return to the desired settings.

On the screen of the color filter you can activate the hotkey. Select the Allow Keyboard Combination check box to enable or disable the filter.

How to make Windows easier to use when you’re in Colorblind

All you have to do is press Win + Ctrl + C to activate and deactivate your settings.

The same can be done for all high-contrast settings. You do not need to make any special settings to activate the hotkey. Just press Alt + Shift + Print Screen to go back and forth.

Play around with the settings to make your colors look exactly the way you want and enjoy Windows 10 in a whole new way.

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