How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use

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Shopping for a brand new Mac laptop will be an costly affair. Nevertheless, you probably have an outdated Mac Mini mendacity round, like we do, you may simply improve it to work like a brand new laptop. Right here we present you how one can improve a 2011 Mac Mini to be used within the present yr.

What you want

You will have the next gadgets for this mission:

1. Prep the Mac Mini

Flip over the Mac Mini so the open and closed dots are going through you. Twist the black base counter-clockwise to unlock the bottom, and gently carry the bottom away from the machine.

How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use

2. Take away the wi-fi shroud

Utilizing the Torx T8 screwdriver bit, unscrew the screws for the wi-fi shroud. Gently begin to take away the shroud till you see the place the wire connects to the logic board. Gently loosen the wire from the connection to tug the wi-fi shroud clear.

How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use

3. Take away the fan

Utilizing the Torx T5 screwdriver bit, unscrew the three screws connecting the fan to the machine and start to take away the fan till you may attain the place the fan connects to the logic board. Pull the connector from the logic board and take away the fan completely. Utilizing the identical screwdriver bit, take away the screws holding the black piece that was subsequent to the fan and take away that piece for ease of entry.

How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use

4. Take away the logic board

To take away the logic board, first you’ll want to transfer it out by half an inch first. You probably have hassle, you should use any small screwdrivers you will have in two screw holes to pry it free. From there, disconnect any connections nonetheless on the logic board, which at this level ought to solely be the exhausting drive SATA cable and the ability pack.

How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use

From this level ahead, my photos aren’t going to be a direct reflection. I rebuilt first to verify my strategies would work, and upon reopening my machine, the screw for my fan was stripped and unable to be eliminated at the moment. Let this be a phrase of warning, be very cautious with the Torx screws to not strip them, as they’ve a proclivity to take action.

5. Take away the outdated exhausting drive

Place a bank card or a small nylon software beneath the exhausting drive to pry it misplaced and take away it completely. Save the SATA cable to be used with the brand new exhausting drive.

6. Take away/Substitute RAM

Barely pull on the steel tabs on the perimeters of the ram to unlock the outdated RAM boards. Pull them up on a 45-degree angle, and gently take away the boards from their holding. Place the brand new ones in on an analogous angle, then gently push them flat till you hear the boards click on into place. If you’re encountering resistance, pull out on the steel tabs to clear the trail. After this, you may take away the logic board completely.

How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use
How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use

7. Take away the exhausting drive plastic

There’s a piece of plastic that guides across the energy pack, the logic board, and the exhausting drive. It’s linked behind the ability pack, farthest from the place you’ve the machine positioned. To take away it, with the ability pack being grounded into place on this mannequin, you need to gently wiggle the plastic to get it free. You possibly can then pull it out all the best way.

8. Set up the brand new exhausting drive

Join the SATA cable into the brand new exhausting drive. Utilizing the T5 screwdriver bit, take away the screws from the aspect of the outdated exhausting drive. Guiding the brand new exhausting drive into the plastic insert, you may screw the exhausting drive into place utilizing the identical screws you simply used. The brand new SATA cable equipment may even have some rubber inserts. Put these by way of the plastic earlier than inserting the screws. You possibly can information the plastic again into the place you pulled it from, working the connection again into place.

9. Set up the brand new SSD

Connect the brand new SATA cable from the exhausting drive equipment (make sure that to make use of the one which faces up when positioned into the Mac Mini). Gently lay the SSD on prime of the brand new exhausting drive, and slide it till it secures into place.

How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use

10. Join the exhausting drive, the SSD, and the opposite connections to the logic board

Slide the logic board again into the Mac Mini housing. As soon as it’s a few half inch away, join the ability pack again into the logic board. As soon as that’s linked, slide the logic board the remainder of the best way in. Join the two SATA cables to the logic board. (The cables required some work to suit completely, so make sure that to embrace persistence. It’s so value it!)

How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use

11. Reconnect the fan

Place the black piece again in place and screw it on. Join the cable for the fan to the logic board, then place the fan again in place. Put the screws again in place and safe them.

12. Reconnect the wi-fi shroud

Join the wire for the wi-fi adapter to the logic board in the one remaining spot in that space. Place the wi-fi shroud again in place and screw the ultimate screws again in. Place the bottom again on prime and spin it clockwise to lock it into place. You’re performed with the {hardware} half!

How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use

13. Enter Web Restoration Mode

The following factor to do upon booting your Mac for the primary time is to carry the Command, Choice, and R keys on the identical time when you hear the Mac startup chime. This enters the machine into Web Restoration Mode.

How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use

14. Reformat the exhausting drive and the SSD

Go to “Disk Utility” to erase and format the brand new exhausting drive and SSD to reformat to “Mac OS Prolonged (Journal).”

How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use
How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use

As soon as completed, return to the primary display screen.

15. Reinstall MacOS

My laptop got here with Mountain Lion, in order that’s the OS that put in mechanically. This course of does take about 30 minutes, so discover one thing to do within the meantime.

How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use

16. Set up Mac Excessive Sierra (the newest supported for this mannequin of Mac mini)

This half was irritating as a result of Safari was not supporting any web sites. You should use this hyperlink to steer you to Excessive Sierra within the App Retailer. Click on to obtain/set up and look forward to about one other 30 minutes.

How to upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini in 2020 for use

At this level, you’re performed! You now get to take pleasure in an upgraded Mac Mini at a fraction of the price of a brand new one. If, after all the things, your Mac Mini refuses as well up, you may examine among the fixes right here.

Picture Credit score: “2011 Mac Mini 2.5ghz 14-5-2019”


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